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How to design and make your own postcard

You will need:

Step 1 

Measure 10 x15 cm on your card and cut out carefully with scissors 

Step 2 

If you have used recycled cardboard like us you might want to prime your cardboard with a layer of white paint to cover up what is underneath

Step 3 

Option 1 - Collage - Collect images, colours or patterns you would like to decorate your postcard ( ask permission whether youare allowed to cut them up) Cut them up carefully and glue to posctard

Option 2- Paint -   Try maiking images, colours and patterns with your paint brush, fingers or even materials such as bubble wrap. 

Step 4 

Once your design is dry. Turn it over and using your pen and ruler draw a single line down the middle, and four lines onthe right for your address 

Step 5 

Attach a stamp to the top right corner, and post it to someone you want to show you are thinking of them. You might want to even use the line 'Forget-Me-Not'

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