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Idea Starter 3 - Abstract Art or Dancing with Art

In this very extraordinary time it is important that we look after those around us and we also look after ourselves. A good way to offer self-care is through ‘creative flow’, when you take on an activity that focuses your mind and attention in an imaginative and absorbing way.

We understand you might not have access to lots of art materials, so we’ve designed these art idea starters with the most basic art kit, but please adapt our suggestions to suit your home supplies and environment.


The largest paper you can find, paints, felt pens, wax crayons, oil pastels, old magazines, tissue paper, old wrapping paper, wallpaper, scraps of fabric, yesterday’s newspaper, ink pens, glue stick, scissor.

Artists often find inspiration from music. Find yourself a pair of headphones and find the music that most makes you want to dance, smile, laugh, really feel good.

Put your large paper on the floor or large table. Turn your music on, and don’t try to over-think your choices – selecting colours and patterns, drawing shapes and lines that you find respond to your music – think of it as ‘dancing with art’.

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