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Look, think, do: Ancient Greek pot

Description of this object or artwork

Children are often surprised at the large number of Greek pots on display in the Museum. There are various reasons why the culture of Ancient Greece is often well represented in museums by exhibitions of pottery. Clay is a readily available natural resource, and is easily worked into what you need to serve basic functions and pottery is one of the oldest of human crafts.

One reason that the Ancient Greeks made so many pots was that, as in most Ancient cultures, large numbers of pots were made to meet the everyday needs of containing and transporting goods.

You can find out more about about Ancient Greek pottery with this fact sheet

Two farmers with pigs

Red figure pelike

c. 470 BC


Take a close look at this pot. What can you see?

There are two main types of Greek painted pot. 'Black figure' which has black figures on a red background and 'red figure' which has red figures on a black background.

Which one do you think this is?


Pots come in all different shapes and sizes! 

What do you think this pot would have been used for and why? 


Watch our video and design your own ancient Greek pot.

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