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Measure the weather

How to put the parts together to make an anemometer

How to make an Anemometer

A device to measure the speed and direction of the wind you will need:

  1. Make 4 holes in your cup that are opposote eachother and the same distacne from the rim of the cup
  2. Feed your straws through
  3. Make another hole in the base of your cup
  4. Push your pencil (eraser first) through the hole so the eraser sits under the straws
  5. Push you pin tack through the straws to secrure it to the eraser
  6. Cut out 4 egg cups to be your wind catchers
  7. Decorate atleast one differently so you can spot it, it will help you to count turns later
  8. Make 2 holes ether side of your 4 egg cup wind catchers making sure the holes match up
  9. Thread the 4 straws through these holes ( you might need to secure these with sellotape if you made your hoels too big)
  10. Make sure they are all facing the same way so the wind can catch them
  11. Place your finished Anemometer outside on a windy day. Notice how many times you see your decorated wind catcher cup go around in a minute - Record your results!
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