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SOURCE is a popular part of our Secondary Schools and Colleges programme designed specifically for students of GCSE, A’ Level, BTEC & Foundation art & design courses.

A FREE ticketed programme of informal artist-led studio workshops and gallery tours to research and discuss your art ideas.

At The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge each February.

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Really enjoyed it especially talking to the artist and having the time and space to focus on art.

Source is FREE for Art & Design Students preparing for their exams

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What did young people say about Source 2019

Found out a lot, new artists and styles, even old art has an application in modern art.

I enjoyed looking at painting and making connections, extending my ideas and telling me about other artists.

Of course it helps a lot having conversations with each other and know where to improve, I should do more research on relevant artists and find inspiration.

Great conversations about inspiration for artists and different areas of design.

For the last 16 years The Fitzwilliam Museum has offered SOURCE over and beyond the spring half-term, supporting GCSE, AS/A Level and BTEC Art and Design students as they prepare for their exams.

Based in the informal atmosphere of the Fitzwilliam studio, the Museum Education team and freelance artists offer one-to-one advice to students. We can help students to research their exam theme by giving access to the wealth of ideas and inspiration in the work of other artists. To do this we offer starting points, gallery tours and advice on how to make the most of our on-line resources.

In addition, the artists and art materials in the studio are available, and not least the space - both mental and physical - to work which is not always so easy to find at home. Artistic support is available in the media of drawing, painting and printmaking each day, and also encouragement to draw from observation in the galleries.

SOURCE has been shown to help students meet the Assessment Objectives set out in each exam paper, and to improve their grade. Why not try it?

Evaluation Report - Source 2023

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