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3D imaging of the collections to offer increased access

Funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, among others, has enabled the Fitzwilliam to conduct a research project to create 3D imaging of the permanent collections. Through this research, it is hoped to improve protection for the collections from wear and tear caused by touching, while maintaining curatorial integrity, visitor enjoyment and education.

Touching works of art can have a detrimental effect and accelerate deterioration of the collections on display.  The museum sector faces increasing questions about what can be done to offer increased access to collections while not compromising conservation principles.

This project will test the use of 3D models and prints of the Fitzwilliam Museum’s collection to provide an alternative tactile experience for visitors. Research will be completed on the impact of these interactive displays on visitor perception and reaction to the Museum’s ‘Do Not Touch’ policy.

The project will enable further learning and engagement without risk to the objects, through annotation and audio description, and the eventual incorporation of tactile models in galleries. Many of our models are visible on the Sketchfab platform 

The creation of these models is a vital part of museum documentation and an integral piece in our digital research jigsaw.

3 March 2020

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