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Gainsborough masterpiece celebrated in Peterborough school

A masterpiece oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough was part of a national event with the BBC taking works of fine art into schools. The Voyager Academy in Peterborough was delighted to receive a visit from two members of staff from the Fitz and the early Gainsborough portrait of Heneage Lloyd and His Sister, Lucy, c.1750. The painting combines a portrait in a landscape setting, inspired by the Suffolk landscape in which Gainsborough was born and spent his early career.

The event took place on the first of October and was kept a closely guarded secret until the day to protect the painting as it travelled to the Voyager Academy.

Your Paintings Masterpieces in Schools ran throughout October 2013. Run by the BBC and the Public Catalogue Foundation over 15,000 students and 27 schools took part nationally.

Now the BBC has released a video of the event as it happened, showing the paintings in schools including the Gainsborough masterpiece from the Fitzwilliam.

Watch the BBC’s Your Paintings Masterpieces in Schools video here.

21 November 2013

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