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The Last of England

The Last of England

Stop number: 201

Hampstead Heath by John Constable (PD.207-1948)

Hampstead Heath

Stop number: 202

Salisbury Cathedral by Constable (2383)

Salisbury Cathedral

Stop number: 204

Parham's Mill by John Constable (2291)

Parham's Mill

Stop number: 205

The painting of Gimcrack by Stubbs


Stop number: 302

The Nativity (M.54)

The Nativity

Stop number: 602

L'Umana Fragilità

L'Umana Fragilità

Stop number: 722

A Flemish cabinet depicting the tale of the Prodigal Son

Flemish Cabinet

Stop number: 803

The Road to Calvary

The Road to Calvary

Stop number: 804

Groote Kerk at Haarlem by Gerrit Berckheyde

Groote Kerk at Haarlem

Stop number: 1502

A granite statue of Senusret III (E.37.1930)

Senusret III

Stop number: 2002

The Caryatid from Eleusis (GR.1.1865)


Stop number: 2102

A bust of Euripides (GR.2.1966)

A bust of Euripides

Stop number: 2108

A gold stater of Croesus (CM.MC.8636-R)

Gold stater of Croesus

Stop number: 2111

A silver four drachm from Athens

Four drachma piece

Stop number: 2112

Ten drachma piece - missing image

Ten drachma piece

Stop number: 2114

An iron sword

Iron sword

Stop number: 2204

An angry harlequin figurine

The Angry Harlequin

Stop number: 2601

A figure of a mine commandant

Mine commandant

Stop number: 2603

A figurine of a hurdy gurdy player

The Hurdy-Gurdy player

Stop number: 2604

A celadon vase

Celadon vase

Stop number: 2901

A celadon ewer

Celadon ewer

Stop number: 2902

A Celadon Bowl

A Celadon Bowl

Stop number: 2903

A Celadon Kundika

Celadon Kundika

Stop number: 2904

The Negroli Burgonet

Negroli Burgonet

Stop number: 3101

Horse and rider set of armour from Germany

Horse and rider

Stop number: 3102

A sporting crossbow


Stop number: 3103

A Scottish Claymore sword on a white background


Stop number: 3104

The Founder's entrance

The Founder's Entrance

Stop number: 9901

A bust of George Basevi

George Basevi bust

Stop number: 9902

Fitzwilliam Museum interior entrance showing the casts

Plaster casts

Stop number: 9903

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