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This exhibition is now in our archive.

Fitz-Stitch was a creative project, co-ordinated by the Fitzwilliam Museum, which took place during lockdown of 2020. An open invitation was extended to the wider community to create a large collaborative textile artwork from their own individual textile squares, inspired by the Museum’s collection. Some participants would remember a favourite museum object with fondness or curiosity, while others new to the museum would venture into the vastness of the on-line catalogue.

During the COVID lockdowns many people welcomed a focused collective community project during such an unsettling time. This project offered wellbeing in terms of a defined purpose, a sense of belonging and sharing, and a boost to creative skills giving opportunities for growth in ability and confidence. The Museum offered participants a set of starter ideas, and a series of Zoom catchups and workshops to connect and form the Fitz-Stitch community.

Sixty-five people took part, creating two large textile art works.

See the Fitz-Stitch quilts on display in our Education area, below the Courtyard Entrance.

Image: ‘Fitz-Stitch Quilt 2’

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