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Edgar Degas

Nationality: French

1834 - 1917

Upon leaving the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, in 1856, Degas embarked on his first trip to Italy. He stayed for three years, living with family in Florence and Naples and making extended visits to Rome. He drew assiduously, and the landscape and Mediterranean light inspired him to paint around a dozen landscape oil sketches. Degas was an early collector of Camille Corot’s open-air sketches, confirming his appreciation of the tradition.

Place of Birth: Paris
Place of Death: Paris

Text written and researched by Amy Marquis Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge.

Associated paintings in this exhibition

Castel Sant'Elmo, from Capodimonte

97: Castel Sant'Elmo, from Capodimonte

Edgar Degas

Fitzwilliam Museum

View of the Quirinal

28: View of the Quirinal

Edgar Degas

Fondation Custodia

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