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Corot à son chevalet, Crècy-en-Brie

Corot à son chevalet, Crècy-en-Brie

1: Corot à son chevalet, Crècy-en-Brie

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Eugène Decan
Paris 1829 - 1893 Paris

PD.132-1985: Fitzwilliam Museum
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Born in Paris, Decan was an early pupil of the history painter Léon Cogniet. He first exhibited his landscapes in the Salon of 1848. He was influenced by the Barbizon school of landscape painters, particularly Daubigny. Corot is known to have stayed with Decan in late August 1874, and the two artists painted together outdoors.

Text written and researched by Amy Marquis Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge.

Oil on canvas
30.7 x 40 cm

Section: True to Nature? Open-air Painting in Europe 1780-1870

This can be found in Gallery 13: Mellon Gallery Exhibitions

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