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Interior of a Courtyard

Interior of a Courtyard

55: Interior of a Courtyard

Auguste-Xavier Leprince
Paris 1799 - 1826 Nice

Private collection
Rights held by:

Like his father and two brothers, Leprince became a landscape painter. He is best known for his 17th-century Dutch-inspired agrarian scenes. His career benefited from the support of a group of private collectors called the Society of Friends of the Arts, which purchased his work and that of many of his contemporaries, including Eugène Isabey (with whom he shared a studio), Théodore Gudin, and Richard Parkes Bonington. Leprince exhibited at the Salon from 1819 until his early death at age 27. He left behind a significant number of works in his studio.

Text written and researched by Michelle Bird National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

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Section: Built Environment: rooftops, windows, yards and ruins

This can be found in Gallery 11: The Arts of the 20th Century

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