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New Display of University Boat Race Trophies in the Courtyard

This exhibition is now in our archive.

Trophies from one of the world’s oldest annual sporting events, The Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race, will go on public display for the first time at the Fitzwilliam Museum from 9 November 2021 until 27 March 2022.

Previously only brought out on Race Day, the trophies will in future be housed in the winning University. As the Men’s Boat Race and the Women’s Boat Race were won earlier this year by Cambridge (the Light Blues), the new display includes the newly cleaned Men’s and Women’s trophy, the original Women’s trophy and two other Cups for the Reserve Boat Race.

Thanks to new research carried out by Dr Victoria Avery, the Keeper of Applied Arts, you can learn all about when, why and how they were commissioned, who made them and the significance of their decorative elements.

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