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Lines of Enquiry

Practitioner researchers ... are in a unique position to make an important contribution to the evolution of knowledge in the field of their professional practice. Their particular value lies in their positionality close to the site of professional action.

Pascal & Betram, 2012  

This project brought together practitioners, researchers and stakeholders with an interest in work with young children in museums, galleries and gardens with the aim of establishing a new community of practice around practitioner led research.

At Seminar One: Setting the Scene (October 2018), case studies of innovative work from around the UK (including UCM Nursery in Residence) were shared and discussed in light of participant's own experiences.

In Seminar Two: Next Steps (January 2019), speakers from a range of academic fields (Early Childhood, Art Education and Ethnography) presented a variety of possible methodologies for investigating this area of work in a manner that is both academically trustworthy and of the highest ethical integrity. We then reflected on these different approaches and considered next steps for research and collaboration.

Speakers included: Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram, Directors of the Centre for Research in Early Childhood; Emily Pringle, Head of Research at Tate; Abi Hackett from Manchester Metropolitan University; Jen de Witt from the Institute of Education, UCL and Elaine Bates, Katy McCall and Lucy Turner from Manchester Museum, Manchester Art Gallery and the Whitworth. Sessions were attended by 35 delegates from 6 different universities, 8 museums and galleries, 4 sector leadership organisations as well as independent academics, educators and consultants.

Analysis of the discussions has generated key themes which will shape future research and practice. 

Funded by University of Cambridge ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

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