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Take a Walk in My Shoes

Take A Walk Image Stairs

Take a Walk in My Shoes explores multisensory experiences of how it feels to ‘be’ in the Museum and how the experiences of people affected by non-visible disabilities can be used to inform and / or support health and wellbeing in the Museum.

The project involves the following elements: 

Sensory ethnography – the researcher will be exploring how it feels to be in five different places in the Museum, observing the space through the senses and capturing the observations through drawings, photos, videos and notes.  

Walking interviews – 13 staff members and community participants affected by non-visible disabilities will join the researcher in a walk together around the Museum, talking about their own personal experiences of navigating museum spaces. Due to a high level of interest from community participants, a Focus Group has also been added to the project. 

Focus Group – aims to explore initial reflections and participant experiences, which may be used to develop a questionnaire, to enable people to provide a written response. 

Questionnaire – the questionnaire will be developed by the Focus Group participants to provide the opportunity for people who have been unable to join a walking interview to share their experiences of being ‘in’ the Museum.

This project is funded by the Fitzwilliam Museum Marlay Group 


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Project team

Emily Bradfield Practitioner Research Associate: Collections & Wellbeing


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