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Participation, Practice and Co-creation Research Community

The Participation, Practice and Co-Creation Research Community (PPC) explores the potential of the university museum as a place for creative experimentation, for curiosity, for collaboration and for sharing ideas and practice.

Key Research Questions

Our projects have the potential to advance knowledge, to enrich our professional practice and to inform our public programmes, exhibitions and displays. Our projects take a person-centred approach and reach outside of the museum and university to invite participation from as wide a public as possible.

We understand research as being

‘an inclusive process of enquiry undertaken by practitioners working alongside academic and non-academic researchers within an open and exploratory environment where expertise is valued non- hierarchically.’

(Pringle, E. Rethinking Research in the Art Museum, 2020: 163)

This research community responds to the Fitzwilliam’s Research & Impact Strategy in which a vision for research is set out in “Our diverse collections and audiences inspire our research, and we aim to ensure that our research inspires, involves and benefits those audiences”. It also connects with the Collections - Connections - Communities Strategic Research Initiative, a new interdisciplinary research Initiative, which aims to transform the relationship between researchers and the public, nucleating debate around societal challenges to create future pathways towards more just, creative, sustainable and inclusive futures.

Initial Strands of Enquiry (2022 - 3)

Our initial guiding questions:

You can read about our work on agreeing a set of core values to guide our collaborative and participatory work here.

Research Community Leads

Forthcoming Events

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