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Jennifer C.C. Chang

Research Associate

Jennifer Chih-Chieh Chang is a Research Associate studying the collection of 19th-century Chinese export paintings at Fitzwilliam. She recently completed a PhD in History of Art at SOAS as a Bei Shan Tang scholar. Her dissertation “Personal Commemoration and Collective Enactment: Performing Literati Identity through Autobiographical Landscape in 19th-century China” investigates the rise and the functions of a particular painting genre.

Jennifer’s current work contributes to the “Chinese Export Art: The Thirteen Hongs Collection” project. Based on the collection at Fitzwilliam, she is developing two research topics. One focuses on the integration of European botanical art and Chinese flower-and-bird paintings, and the other studies the interrelationship between export paintings and wallpapers. In addition, she aims to promote the recognition and accessibility of the collection.

Since 2017, Jennifer has been involved in writing and editing exhibition catalogues for various institutes and collectors, such as The Cleveland Museum of Art and The Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Previously, she held visiting fellowships at Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University. Her research interests include Chinese literati arts, East Asian intellectual culture, and the digital humanities.

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