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Study of Trees

Study of Trees

112: Study of Trees

Robert Léopold Leprince
Paris 1800 - 1847 Chatres

2018-S.28: Fondation Custodia
Rights held by: Fondation Custodia, Collection Frits Lugt, Paris, gift of Catherine Sterling

Leprince was among the early wave of French artists who redirected their focus from the Italian Campagna to their native countryside. Around 1825, he began journeying to the forest of Fontainebleau, often joined by his brother Auguste-Xavier. Leprince was drawn to the forest’s complex topography, including magnificent trees and rock formations that provided endless inspiration. He exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1822 to 1844, receiving his first medal in 1824.

Text written and researched by Michelle Bird National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

Oil on paper, mounted on canvas
26.2 × 22.7 cm

Created: Circa 1820

Section: Trees

This can be found in Gallery 12: The Adeane

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